I am Charlotte, newly vegan and because of my Hashimoto’s newly gluten-free. In this blog I will be sharing my recipes, lifestyle tips and my love of travel.

I became vegan in June 2015 after two years of nearly being vegan. I first learned about veganism through the book Skinny Bitch, because well.. I wanted to be a skinny bitch. After reading it I remembered saying to my boyfriend, this book says you should give up milk, it make sense but it seams a bit extreme. After that I watched Forks over Knives (on Netflix) and Food Inc. (also on Netflix), the last one made me cry and see that it was not that extreme to give up all animal products. It was the world being extreme in torturing, exploiting and slaughtering animals for our own ‘pleasure’. But I did not go vegan overnight, because in this society it is very hard to not comply on the social norms. Two years later I watched Cowspiracy and that did it for me. Our behaviour does not only affect animals and our health, but our animal consumption leaves the biggest footprint on earth. That’s when I decided I did no longer want to be a part of this. I don’t want to pay someone to slaughter a cow or torture a pig. I don’t want to be responsible for the extinction of all fish.

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